French figure skater with italian origins, Samuel competes for France until 2005 winning a silver and bronze medal at Senior Nationals and taking the nineth position at European championships.
In 2007, Samuel takes the italian citizenship and win his first national title (2008), will follow four other titles in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
European silver medalist in 2009, Samuel becomes the first italian figure skater to reach this results 55 years after Carlo Fassi (1954).
He skates with joy, passion, and create a great feeling with the audience. His quality of interpretor makes him fit a wide range of characters, which brings tremendous Energy and real Entertainment to the audience.

Samuel Contesti - Il Sumo - Music on Ice 2012 -

Samuel Contesti - Il Cowboy -


World Championships 2011: 10th
European Championships 2011: 7th
Skate America 2011:8th
NHK Trophy 2011: 4th
NRW Trophy 2011: 1st
Ondrej Nepela Trophy 2011: 3rd
International Challenge Cup: 3rd;
World Championships 2010: 18th
European Championships 2010: 6th
Cup of Russia 2010:4th
Cup of China 2010: 6th
Mont Blanc Trophy 2010: 1st
Finlandia Trophy 2010: 3rd
Silver medalist at Europeans 2009
4 times Italian national champion
Russian Cup 2010: 4th
Cup of China 2010: 6th
World Championships 2010 – Torino -: 7th
Olympic Games 2010 - Vancouver -: 18th
European Championships 2010 Tallin: 5th
Skate Canada International 2009: 5th
China Cup 2009: 4th
World Championships 2009 - Los Angeles -: 5th
Aegon Trophy 2009: 1st
NRW Trophy 2008 - Dortmund - : 2nd
Golden Spin Zagreb 2008: 2nd
Vienna Cup 2008 : 2nd
Aegon Trophy 2008: 2nd

Staff: Géraldine ZULINI, Peter GRÜTTER
Choreographer: Pasquale CAMERLENGO, Géraldine ZULINI
Mental preparation: Patrick BERGOUGNAND