Laurent Tobel Entertainment is a swiss company leader in the organisation of figure skating shows and in the management of athletes, located in Balerna (TI), our company has been founded in 2005.

Managed by the excecutive director Laurent Tobel and by the administrative manager Silvia Blumer, Laurent Tobel Entertainment has more than 25 years of experience in the figure skating world, a strong position on the european market thanks to our shows and a global vision for the artists' management as Samuel Contesti, Nathalie Péchalat and Fabian Bourzat.

At the basis of the Laurent Tobel Entertainment project, there is the convinction to be one of the very few to offer figure skating shows able to create emotions linked to the world of the Comedy and comic interpretations to the skating business.

Able to unify the french creativity and the swiss precision and efficiency, Laurent Tobel Entertainment brings a strong professional organisation, hiring the best artists and staff to offer only the maximum guarantee in term of performances, technics, organisations and originality.

Our services will respond at 360° to the needs of our demanding customers, taking care of all aspects including: choregraphy, contracts, productions, organisation, audio, video, backstage etc.

Creator of a unique format able to transform not only your venue in a real theatre, but also to make your audience not only watch a regular skating show but make them part of a unique emotional experience.